Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Updates from Mrs. Bassett and Mrs. Curry

College Readiness
  • College-bound Seniors, keep working on financial aid through Local Scholarships on your Google Classroom.
  • Seniors headed to the workforce or military, visit with Mrs. Bassett or Mrs. Curry if you'd like help with a job/housing search or any other support with your next step.
  • Juniors, this is a great time to plan your first or next ACT testing time.  Check out dates and preparation options here: http://www.act.org/. 
    • DCG will be hosting an ACT Prep workshop on March 29th.  Register here: http://www.doorwaytocollege.com/. 
    • Follow @ACTStudent on Twitter for excellent test prep options.
  • Sophomores, pick up a planning timeline from the Deans Office, if you have not yet done so.  This will help you prepare for the next couple years and beyond.
Teenagers and Stress
An Article from Psychology Today:"  5 Tips for Helping Teens Cope With Stress"

Help your child prepare for college
Video presentation from 'Your Teen Magazine'

Parents and Students: Please get in touch with Megan Curry or Cindy Bassett if you need support with these or any other academic, college/career-planning, or mental health issues.  


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